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 Hi, I’m Dr. Holly Parker. Thank you for stopping by.

If you yearn for a more fulfilling and connected relationship, greater self-esteem, a more enjoyable, purposeful life, or healing from the past, it means you’re paying attention. There’s always room for growth.

Perhaps you aspire to improve one aspect of your life or several areas. Maybe you feel discouraged and lost because you’ve worked hard to make things better and haven’t seen a difference, or you’re newly aware of the need for a shift in life and this is your first try. Either is okay.

Successful change doesn’t have to start with self-confidence or a plan. It just requires the willingness to reach out and not take the journey alone. The decision to take part in therapy, to look within yourself and allow someone else into your world is, in my humble view, one of the healthiest choices a person can make. Regardless of whether you’ve tried therapy before, your step is a courageous and worthwhile one.

Everyone’s circumstances, relationships, sense of self, and aspirations are uniquely their own. In light of this, I flexibly integrate therapy approaches based on each person and their goals, and believe in understanding people in the holistic context of their life. My style is warm, authentic, compassionate, accepting, and collaborative. I work with couples and individuals who seek to understand themselves, their relationships, and their lives, and who wish to create meaningful, healing change for their present and future.

Research reveals that one of the most important factors in therapy is the quality of the connection you have with your therapist. You deserve to work with someone who feels like a good match, someone you can be real with and who has an approach and style that resonates with you. If you're thinking about working together, please feel free to give me call. I deeply value working with individuals, couples, and veterans of diverse races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Regardless of whether you ultimately decide to work with me, I’m grateful to you for taking time out of your life to visit this site, and I wish you every success in your journey forward.

Phone: (617) 674-1488